Take me back to the days 

When I woke up to a sunny haze 

When I was a child, not more than three feet tall  

When I could frolic around the house

And demand chips from random shops 

When I would go to sleep at nine 

Between Mumma and Papa, I would fit just fine 

Take me back to the days 

When time was meant to play, and not to manage 

When television meant Dora and Chhota Bheem, not the censored sitcoms and news channels that I have grown up to see

When the biggest concern was the mango stain on my favourite top, and not the one in blood on my shorts

When sun went to sleep and the moon followed my car home 

When innocence earned smiles, not remarks like, “You’re not a child anymore!” 

Why? Why did expressing become a sin?

When did taboos started tailing my thoughts?

Why can’t I hop on the roads and jump into puddles without a second thought?

When, while learning poise and elegance and keeping up with my socially acceptable mask, did my childhood get lost??

And everyday, aren’t all of us ignoring things that we would rather do?

Caught up worrying about projects and bills, and our long list of to-dos?

How many of us have already suffocated the child inside us to death?

How scared have we become to just be our true self?? 

Would you rather live being an acceptable adult and die having not lived fully at all??

Think about it. 

Performance video at Delhi Poetry Slam’s Open Mic Saturday


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