Isolated Spark

You’re a spark. A spark has the potential to engulf its vicinity into its wildfire. However, when a spark is isolated from its open vicinity, it extinguishes without it.

You are a spark. You can take people in a wave of awe just by being yourself- being who you are and doing what you do. But without those people, you will not be the same. You can not display your skills and talent without an audience. It does seem absurd I know, but as I mentioned, a spark needs air to burn. It is understandable that people around us become intolerable at times and mess with our head-space  and a social recluse, even if momentary, seems like a good solution to peace. After all, too much air does terminate the flame. But it does not work for long. A spark does require air to burn. You can never stop being you and in the absence of those who can watch you, experience your influence and feel your impact, it gets worse and you start rusting. There are only so many lives that an isolated spark can illuminate. And if a spark can not ignite fire, then it is not of much use, is it?

You’re a spark. The best way to keep your spark-yourself alive therefore, it to find your sanctuary of silence, but remain alive beyond it too. Live in the air, don’t drown in it. You don’t have to say no to something; but your should not say yes to everything. There lies the secret to keep an isolated spark alive!


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